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Do you want to double your revenue without spending more money on advertising?

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"Our ticket sales have increased dramatically thanks to the ideas and solutions implemented by Kevin." Bill Warren, President, Performing Arts Live

What We Do

We implement a 2 phase multi-pillar marketing platform that will leverage and optimize marketing assets already in your business to create new sources of revenue and profit.

For exponential growth, our platform focuses on increasing three aspects:

Customer Value

Conversion Rate

Number of Prospects

The Traditional Way

Traditionally, business owners view marketing as a way to grow their businesses by doing promotions and spending more on advertisement to get more prospects.

The problem is that bringing in more prospects is only one way of growing your business. But here‘s the kicker: if you don’t have a system that increments the value of your customers and increase the conversion rate of those new prospects, your advertisement is not going to be so effective.

Bottom line, if that's happening in your business you are leaving money on the table, lots of it.

Your Hidden Profits

The Hidden Profits marketing platform (HP) works with all the marketing resources your business has but remain uncovered or hidden.

These resources (or assets) may take different forms (current customers, business relationships, expertise, etc.), and when discovered, leveraged and optimized can drastically increase the amount of revenue and profits your company gets.

A Platform to Help You Grow

The Hidden Profits marketing platform is divided into 2 phases, each one with 3 individual stages (or pillars). They are designed to increase revenues in different ways and from a variety of sources.

By implementing the platform, your business will be built upon multiple marketing pillars. It will have a much more solid foundation and have a greater chance for success.

Phase 1 is the foundation of the platform. The most dramatic growth can be achieved (25% to 100% or more) in very little time (60 to 90 days) just by implementing the first phase.

Phase 1 concentrates on discovering assets currently in your business. For this reason spending more money on advertising is not necessary at this point.

Phase 2 involves advertising, both online and offline.

Doing advertising at this point makes sense because the potential of new prospects and customers will be maximized as they go through the system already in place.



If all recommended steps are implemented, New South Marketing guarantees that the investment made to implement the system will be covered in new, incremental revenue from the system.

If not, New South Marketing will continue to implement the system at no charge until it does or you are satisfied.

There is no risk for your business, all the risk is ours. Contact us now for an opportunity analysis meeting in which we'll get to know your business and tell you how many steps should be implemented.